How to follow the race

As always we will also be tracking the race via Trackleaders, but new this year we will be introducing the Freeroute tracking system.

This is being specially developed for the Transcontinental as the race is unique, in that it does not follow a set route. Freeroute turns the tracking points transmitted by the riders’ SPOT trackers into a predicted route — making their distance data more accurate than ever before.

A huge thank you to Ivan Cornell for this development. We hope you like it.

Launch Trackleaders →

Launch Freeroute (beta) →

Note: Tracking will not be live until 22:00 CET on Friday, 29th July.

We said  Transcontinental Number 3 would raise the stakes and it did.

Now Number 4 is an entirely new animal four new controls, a new finish, shorter overall but much more climbing and who knows what will happen.”

One stage – The clock never stops.  Racers chose where, when and if at all to rest.

No Support – Racers can only use what they take with them, or what they can find en-route at commercially available services.

No Route – Only mandatory controls ensure that racers visit some of the most famous pieces of road in Europe and connect with the suffering of their forebears.  The rest is up to them.

Live Tracking – Unlike the races of the 1900s, which featured much skull-duggery and deviousness which eventually saw the stages made shorter and more controlled and bike racing become more professional, through the miracle of modern satellite technology and the interweb we can check up on our riders progress wherever they may be.  So too can you wherever you may be.

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