2015 Race Entry News

It is my pleasure to announce that the 2015 edition will take place from Friday 24th July to 9th August and will travel between Belgium and Istanbul.

Midnight Start

The race will start for the 3rd time at midnight (00:00) on 25th July in Flanders.  The exact location will be detailed in the spring (but yes there will be cobbles) after a registration on the Friday Evening and it will finish again in Istanbul.  This will make for a long first day, an atmospheric start and a few more precious hours to make the all important party.

A New Racing Classification

There will be a new classification of riders for the 2015 race as well as increased guidance on the rules relating to self sufficiency and a completion in the Solo class.

Over the last year’s race the emphasis has been on solo and self sufficient travel but a number of riders have stated their intention to ride with a partner or friend.  Safety and an accessible event is very important to Transcontinental so there has been some discretion shown for riders to be able ride together, particularly for those who would feel vulnerable on their own or who are not targeting a top place finish.  That said there have also been known instances of equipment sharing and other co-operation between riders in times of need, for example in bad weather, and prolonged periods of assistance in navigation.  It is therefore difficult to compare the rides of those who have completed the race alone and those who have had the solace and possible practical advantages of company.

Instead of simply tightening the rules of self sufficiency to prohibit riders from riding together or disqualify riders who assist each other, the Solo finish will become a mark of distinction with more stringent regulation and a second class of co-operating riders (pairs) will be established.

It will be possible to enter the race solo or as a pair from the start.  However riders may also be re-classified during or after the race.  A solo finish will only be awarded if the rider has been found to meet all of the requirements of self sufficiency.

Entry Dates and Process

Entry into the 2015 race will commence for 150 solo riders and 50 pairs at 8pm (GMT) on Friday 7th November.  This time there will be no waiting list and no replacement of riders who withdraw before the race.  If there are a significant number of withdrawals, there may be a second round of entries in the spring, but don’t count on it.  As we need to commit funds to the planning earlier the rules regarding refunds will also need to be tighter so think carefully before you enter and commit yourself.

Entry as a solo racer will be by something approximating application.  Formal qualification as such is not required, but riders will be asked to mention any relevant experience and demonstrate a complete understanding of the rules of self sufficiency and the rider agreement.  The rules and rider agreement will be displayed during the entry process and will be available in the rider handbook.  Ensure you take the time to read them carefully.

Entry price will be the same as in 2014 at £165 per person.


There will be 4 intermediate controls in the 2015 Transcontinental.  There will be mountains and there will be gravel and it will be longer and more difficult than before.  In order to thank our friends at Brooks England for all their generous and continued support and love for the Transcontinental over the past few years we handed over the job of spilling the beans to Jack Thurston on the Brooks Blog so check them out there and stay tuned for more details her on the site and on our facebook page to learn more.


By all means connect with us and other TCR fans by whichever social media method suits you best but formal questions are always best directed to us by email at race@transcontinental.cc to ensure the quickest response.

Many Thanks

Mike Hall
(Race Director)

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