Rider Activity Reporting

Here is the form for contacting us and submitting information about the activities of riders on the Transcontinental. You should use this if…

You have seen a rider on the Transcontinental, maybe you have taken a picture or want to share a story of your interaction with them or help to update the world with how they were doing and what they were like.

You are a rider you share information about your status with us here also, if you are dropping out of the race or your tracker or bike is not working so good, or you just want to say hi and let everyone know you are doing fine, you can do that here too.

You have any information to report of any incidents of suspected rule violations and can submit supporting material.  Please if you see anything like this, report it.  You are a big part of our eyes and ears out there and if you witness anything sneaky we would like to know and keep this an honest race.

Should the worst happen you can also make us aware of any incidents or accidents involving any of the riders using this form also.