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A document on Travel in Turkey.

We will keep this document updated when we can in the lead up to and during the race.

Document (English only)

The situation in Turkey. Communication on the 19.07.16

This statement has been kindly translated by our team of volunteers.



German the final part of the statement has been translated into German (see last page)


Dutch 1  //  Dutch 2





TCR Race Manual 2016 Iss 0 Oct – 31st Oct 2015


First Issue for 2016 race

[Superseded by Iss1 0 v1, see below]

TCR Race Manual 2016 Iss0 v1 Oct – 2nd Nov 2015

Minor typographical and ambiguity corrections

TCR Race Manual 2016 Iss1 May – 31st May 2016

Planning Issue – Controls Information, Start and Registration details.  Various other amendments.

Rider Agreement – 3rd Nov 2015

Rider Agreement guides in other languages:

Disclaimer: This is a non-legally binding translation of the original document, intended as an aid to understanding the actual agreement. Please sign the document in the English Race Manual, which is considered the legal document.




No.4 Controls Map – 25th May 2016

NB: This map shows some information of prohibited roads and tunnels.  Some of these are prohibited by law and some by the race – this is not an exhaustive resource of all the roads in Europe which are prohibited to bicycles.  Riders should observe local laws and traffic signage and research their route carefully.